175 Years Carl Reuther – Celebration, Alumni and Autumnal Meeting

The year 2009 is particular predestined for guided tours on the „Weigher Walking Way“: 175 years ago, on August 17th, the inventor of the Chronos Weigher was born. Just in time there will be a big birthday celebration in the Meys Factory.

Since Carl Reuther was not only an inventor, but also as a successful business man the founder of the Hennef continuation school in 1897, all formerly of the "Berufskolleg des Rhein-Sieg-Kreises Hennef" (Vocational School of the Rhine-Sieg-District Hennef) are invited to a big class reunion and to celebrate the birthday of the founder of their school because Reuther’s continuation school had been the source of the present vocational school. To commemorate the founder also on the ground of this school a further permanent exhibition of weighers is currently arranged. On August 17th will be the opening with Mayor Klaus Pipke, the Headmaster Konrad Richter and Wolfgang Euler. To complete the round there is also the autumnal meeting of "Maß & Gewicht – Verein für Metrologie e.V." („Measure & Weight – Association of Metrology „) scheduled for 16th to 18th October. The meetings of this association deal with lectures on the historical metrology as well as buy/sell exchange for more than 100 members and guests.

The lectures in Hennef will certainly deal with Carl Reuther and his invention: Prof. Dr. Manfred Kochsiek, former Vice-President of the Physikalischen-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) will give a lecture “With Carl Reuther in 1883 from the non-automatic weigher to the automatic Chronos Weigher”. Wolfgang Euler, formerly executive employee of Chronos Company and Chairman for automatic weighers in the European Weigher Association, will talk about the influence of the Chronos Weigher on the worldwide change in weighing and he will also present a historical weigher.

Background: Carl Reuther, Chronos Weigher and School

Carl Reuther was born on August 17th, 1834. In an adjoining building of the “Zissendorf Farmyard” in the “Siegfeldstraße”, Carl Reuther started with the production of agricultural machinery and decimal weighers before he established in 1869 a big company under the name „Reuther & Co., Agricultural Machinery Factory” at the “Frankfurter Straße”.
In cooperation with Eduard Reisert he founded 1881 the company „ Hennefer Maschienfabrik C. Reuther & Reisert” to produce automatic weighers – the future “Chronos Factory“– and they pursued the approval of their invention “Chronos Weigher” up to the calibration.
In 1897 Carl Reuther donated a parcel of land and 10.000 Mark cash to the Hennef municipality to establish a continuation school. Additionally he provided the school with plentiful equipment. Two years later the school was opened under the name “Commercial Continuation School of the Carl Reuther Foundation”. Beginning 1914 the school became part of an administration union of the vocational schools in the townships Hennef, Neunkirchen and Uckerath as well as of the departments Lauthausen, Oberpleis and Ruppichteroth. The school was then named “Vocational School Hennef/Sieg of the Carl Reuther Foundation”. 1960 the vocational training school was removed into a new building in the Gartenstraße. 1968 the district authorities (Sieg District) took over the support of the vocational school in Hennef, the school was now named “District Vocational Training School Hennef”. With the start of the school year 1975/76 the school was removed into a new building in the Fritz-Jacobi-Straße. There it is until today under the name “Vocational School of the Rhine-Sieg District Hennef”.

Measure and Weight – Association of Metrology – Autumnal Meeting 2009

From Friday, 16th October, 2009 until Sunday, 18th October, 2009 in Hennef, meeting place: Meys Factory, Beethoven Str. 21

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