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A lot of things are going on around the Chronos-Weigher

Foto: Carl Reuther

Carl Reuther

(22.01.2009, we-dmg) It is undoubted and everyone knows it by now: the Chronos-Weigher was a Hennef invention with a global success. The inventors of the weigher, first of all Carl Reuther, established the basis for the industrialisation of Hennef. After opening the “Hennef Weigher Walking Way” in September 2007 and the foundation of the permanent exhibition “Weights, Weighers and Weighing Throughout the Centuries” last year, also the year 2009 will have a whole lot to offer again to the friends of the world’s first approved automatic weigher.

There will not only be the numerous guided tours on the Weigher Walking Way, but also the big celebration for the 175th birthday of Carl Reuther on his birthday, the 17th of August, and the “Autumn Meeting 2009” of “Measures and Weights – Association for Metrology e.V.” from 16th to 18th of October (Metrology is the science of measures and weights and does not have anything to do with Meteorology, the science of weather).


Birthday Celebration for Carl Reuther

The Hennef weigher specialist, Wolfgang Euler, will be in charge for the Autumn Meeting of the Association “Measures and Weights” (www.mass-und-gewicht.de). Mayor Klaus Pipke will welcome the over hundred expected attendees in the Meys Factory, who will have their general meeting in Hennef - including the collectors fair with presentations on historical metrology topics. Certainly, the Chronos-Weigher will play a significant role during this meeting. After all, it is the driving force and catalyst for the association to meet in Hennef.

Two months before, on the 17th of August, a big birthday celebration for Carl Ruther will take place at the same location. And because Reuther established the basis for the today’s vocational college by founding a continuation school in 1897, all alumni of the vocational college will therefore be invited to celebrate the birthday of their founder during a kind of big class meeting. For the organisation of this event Wolfgang Euler will be in charge, too. On the same day a show case with information on life and work of Carl Reuther will be inaugurated in the vocational college.

Guided Tours in 2009 on the Hennef Weigher Walking Wa

The permanent exhibition “Weights, Weighers and Weighing throughout the Times” and 22 locations from Hennef town hall via Zissendorf farmyard to the train station do not dignify the Chronos-Weigher only, but offer also noteworthy information on starting off the early beginnings of weighing from times immemorial until the computerised weighers. Wolfgang Euler, once an apprentice in the Chronos Factory and until today since 50 years still globally active in the matter of Chronos-Weigher construction and Legal Metrology, will explain to interested visitors the weigher evolution while guiding them through the exhibition and on the walking way. The walking way can of course be utilised and visited anytime – free of charge. But Wolfgang Euler also offers guided tours to classes and other groups. All those interested are welcome to get in touch with the organiser.

The dates for the guided tours for this year are: 10.1.; 5.3.; 7.3.; 9.5.; 9.7.; 11.7.; 8.8.; 10.9.; 12.9.; 10.10.; 29.11.; 10.12.; 12.12.; always at 14:00 hrs. (2 pm). The guided tour will take around two and a half hours. Meeting point: Meys Factory, Beethovenstr. 21. The charge for the attendance will be 4,-- € for adults and 2,-- € for children. Classes will pay 40,-- €, other groups 60,-- €. Information and registration at the Tourist Information of Hennef City, Frankfurter Str. 97, Phone ++49-(0)2242-19433, email: info(at)hennef.de.

The Chronos-Weigher

The Chronos-Weigher, invented by Carl Reuther and Eduard Reisert in 1883, was the first calibratable automatic weigher in the world, and with it ended the thousands of years old tradition of manual weighing and started the era of the automatic weighers. Approved for calibration by the official seal of the “Imperial Normal Measurement Commission” in Berlin on April 12th, 1883 this invention revolutionised the weighing and measuring. The Chronos-Weigher saved a lot of time especially in weighing bulk goods, precision and reliability grew, and it put a stop to manipulations as they were possible with the non-automatic weighers. The Chronos-Weigher initiated a development which resulted in modern, industrial and computerised weighing techniques as usual worldwide nowadays. But up to the Second World War the Chronos Factory Hennef held a worldwide monopoly on automatic weighers.

Many of the in Hennef produced weighers are globally in use until today, other are history. This counts for example for Chronos-Weighers in the storehouse district Münster which is being introduced in a large-sized and richly illustrated book of the “Institute For Comparing History Of Cities”, published on December 17th, 2008. In the chapter “The technique of storing grains and its processing” you will find an illustration of the Chronos-Weighers and their function in the storehouse district. “In each engine tower of the warehouses”, so it’s written in the book, “the Chronos-Weighers were an integral part in the cycle of the way the corn took through a storehouse. Receiving or shipping grains was weighed precisely.” (Institute For Comparing History Of Cities, Angelika Oelgeklaus, publisher “The Old Warehouse District Münster. Military Supply Office and “Reichstypenspeicher” – Conversion and Monument Protection. Münster 2008, ISBN: 978-3-87023-274-0).

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Infos für Kinder

Infos für Kinder

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