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Wolfgang Euler 2007 bei der Eröffnung des von ihm initiierten Waagen-Wanderweges im Hennefer Zentrum Trauer um Wolfgang Euler(6.7.2017, dmg) Wolfgang Euler, 1942 in Hennef-Geistingen geboren, 48 Jahre Mitarbeiter des Chronos-Werks im Herzen von Hennef und ausgewiesener Experte für die 1883 in Hennef erfundene, erste eichfähige selbsttätige Waage der Welt, die „Chronos-Waage“, ist am 1. Juli im Alter von 74 Jahren verstorben. Bürgermeister Klaus Pipke sprach der Familie sein Beileid aus und würdigte den Verstorbenen.  weiter
History of scalesEssay on History of scales in 4 parts ...  weiter
The Hennef Weigher-Walking-Way. Accompanying bookletThe Hennef Weigher-Walking-Way. Accompanying booklet:  weiter
175 Years Carl Reuther – Celebration, Alumni and Autumnal MeetingThe year 2009 is particular predestined for guided tours on the „Weigher Walking Way“: 175 years ago, on August 17th, the inventor of the Chronos Weigher was born. Just in time there will be a big birthday celebration in the Meys Factory. Since Carl Reuther was not only an inventor, but also as a successful business man the founder of the Hennef continuation school in 1897, all formerly of the "Berufskolleg des Rhein-Sieg-Kreises Hennef" (Vocational School of the Rhine-Sieg-District Hennef) are invited to a big class reunion and to celebrate the birthday of the founder of their school because Reuther’s continuation school had been the source of the present vocational school. To commemorate the founder also on the ground of this school a further permanent exhibition of weighers is currently arranged. On August 17th will be the opening with Mayor Klaus Pipke, the Headmaster Konrad Richter and Wolfgang Euler. To complete the round there is also the autumnal meeting of...  weiter
Weigher Walking Way: A treasure in NRWThe Neanderthal Museum, the German Glass Painting Museum in Linnich, the Beethoven House in Bonn and – the Hennef Weigher Walking Way including the exhibition “Weights, Weighers and Weighing throughout the Centuries”: These are four of the 97 attractions of the programme “Right in the middle… North Rhine-Westphalia…Treasury!” of the registered association “Friends of the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation for Nature Conservation, Support of Homeland and Culture”  weiter
Carl Reuther Exhibition at the Berufskolleg (vocational college) HennefAt the vocational college Hennef a permanent exhibition about Carl Reuther is presently being created, the founder of the school. The provider of ideas for this project is Wolfgang Euler, weigher expert and chronicler of the lifes and activities of Carl Reuther and Eduard Reisert. At the end of April came one of the first exhibition parts, a big Chronos Weigher (type Chronos L10a), built around 1900 and up to now stored at the Hennef Company CHROTEC GmbH.  weiter
Chronos Weigher nearly as present as in the pastFor many years the Chronos Weigher was Hennef’s trademark, but then it almost passed out of mind. Now it is again as present as in the past. First of all the “Weigher Walking Way” and the permanent exhibition in the Meys Factory attracted hundreds of visitors since the date of founding in 2007. Meanwhile the last station of the “Weigher Walking Way” at the Hennef Railway Station has been extended by a permanent exhibition of the Chronos Malt Control Weigher. Such a weigher can be seen directly next to the “Hennefer Wirtshaus” (Hennef Tavern), furthermore an equal-armed balance and a laboratory balance weight box.  weiter
Postcard: 125 years Chronos-Waage 125 years Chronos-Weigher Hennef(30.03.2008, eg – we) 1883 was a quite notable year for Hennef. The Hennef industrial pioneers Carl Reuther and Eduard Reisert invented the ‘Chronos-Weigher’ as the first approved automatic weigher in the world which was licensed for calibration by the ‘Kaiserliche Normal Aichungs-Kommission’ (Imperial Weights & Measures Approval Commission) in Berlin on April 12th, 1883. One week and 125 years later a guided walking-tour takes place on the ‘Weigher Walking Way’ established in 2007 in the center of Hennef which recalls the epoch-making pioneer work in Hennef.  weiter
Foto: Carl Reuther A lot of things are going on around the Chronos-Weigher(22.01.2009, we-dmg) It is undoubted and everyone knows it by now: the Chronos-Weigher was a Hennef invention with a global success. The inventors of the weigher, first of all Carl Reuther, established the basis for the industrialisation of Hennef. After opening the “Hennef Weigher Walking Way” in September 2007 and the foundation of the permanent exhibition “Weights, Weighers and Weighing Throughout the Centuries” last year, also the year 2009 will have a whole lot to offer again to the friends of the world’s first approved automatic weigher. There will not only be the numerous guided tours on the Weigher Walking Way, but also the big celebration for the 175th birthday of Carl Reuther on his birthday, the 17th of August, and the “Autumn Meeting 2009” of “Measures and Weights – Association for Metrology e.V.” from 16th to 18th of October (Metrology is the science of measures and weights and does not have anything to do with Meteorology, the science of...  weiter
Guided Tours on the Weigher Walking Way in 2009(04.12.2008, dmg-we-gh) Since the opening of the Hennef Weigher Walking Way on September 22, 2007 it gained a supra- regional publicity. Recently it was published as a tip under the title “Walking way to the Chronos Weigher” in the magazine “industrial culture” of the Regional Authority Rhineland (edition 3/2008). There will be 12 guided tours on the walking way in 2009, individual group tours can be booked any time.  weiter
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